Dark Sky



Dark Sky present a bi-weekly broadcast dedicated to showcasing their love of all kinds of music, focusing mainly on the weird and wonderful. A portion of the show is dedicated to showcasing emerging talent sent in by listeners, followed by mixes recorded by guests we love. Send demos to infodarksky@gmail.com

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  • Radiohead-Ful Stop
  • Heka-Macondo
  • S Olbricht-Lutson In Luv V2
  • General Ludd-Brilliant Blue
  • DFLN-Aillio
  • LK-Lunar
  • Prequel-Nothing Better
  • O'Flynn-Spy Glass
  • Boards Of Canada-Hey Saturday Sun
  • Iszlai-Rouge 1
  • Wincent Kunth-Possible Step
  • Dark Sky-Domes
  • Simo Cell-Gliding
  • Willow-Untitled
  • Piu Piu-Dancing To The Groove
  • Dark Sky-The Walker
  • Walton-Caught in a Trap
  • Wincent Kuth-Relove (Edit)
  • Millie & Andrea-Spectral Source
  • Syvv-Erosion Flow
  • Dark Sky-Kilter
  • Francois X & Bambounou-XBXB
  • DJ Slym Fas-Hula Hoop Dance (Slym Fas Mix)
  • Dark Sky-Acacia
  • Boards Of Canada-Tears From The Compound Eye
  • Levon Vincent-Black Arm w Wolf
  • Scissorwork-Hopeless