Dave ID



Dave I.D takes us through industrial, and techno – melodic and dark. New and classic goth, his selection sets him apart from most, branching decades and scenes.

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  • Surachai-Form Thirty
  • Robert Gorl-Mit Dir
  • Ende Shneafliet-Before Departure
  • Fls-Speech Spirits
  • Saade Bonaire-Second Face
  • Chris Haas & Beate Bar-Neger Brauchen Klein Elektronik
  • S M Nurse-Hot Day In Istanbul
  • Dave I.D.-Scratch Ending
  • Egyptrixx-Halocline Trance
  • Decius-Come To Me Villa
  • In Aeternam Vale-Je Ne Sais Rien
  • Francis Rimbert & Fred-Top Machin
  • Map 71-Way To Bridge
  • Cabaret Voltaire-Low Cool