Deadboy & Gongon



Deadboy’s music and mixes sit at the top of the UK underground, picking references from grime and dancehall, through to house and the glassy new age synths of the early 90s.

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  • DK-Marimba's Theme
  • Huerco S.-Anagramme of My Love
  • Odeko-Track One
  • Sexworker-Crystal Dagger
  • DOLINE-Cus D'Amato
  • Huerco S.-Battery Tunnel
  • DK-Softest Place
  • Air Max 97'-Chasm
  • Barnt-All the Alts Imm Holding Are Hurting.
  • Suicide Year-Interest
  • Geena-Tonal Loc
  • Pervelist, Hodge-21 Versions
  • Hashman Deejay-Xstinential 3
  • GroveStreet-Shy [Reprise]
  • Logos-Savanna Overlord
  • Pinch & Mumdance-Big Slug (ft. Riko Dan)
  • Silk Road Assasins-Shaded
  • Ciara-Keep on Lookin'
  • DOLINE-Landeoff II
  • Island-E S Q (Gage Refix)
  • Gon Gon-I could be there
  • Max Roach with The JC White Singers-Motherless Child
  • Cecil McBee-Into a Fantasy
  • Maulawi-Root in 7/4 Plus
  • Don Cherry-Humus
  • The Pyramids-Reaffirmation Part 1
  • David Lee Jr-Spirit Voice
  • Jayne Cortez-Making It
  • The Art Ensemble of Chicago-Immm
  • Alice Coltrane With Strings-Galaxy Around Olodumare
  • La Mont Zeno Theatre-Black Land of the Nile
  • Pharoah Sanders-Greeting to Saud
  • Eddie Gale-It Must Be You
  • Marion Brown-The Sound of A Song
  • Letta Mbulu-Mahlalela
  • Brother Ah-Nature's Children
  • Andrealina-An Island in the Moon