Death Is Not The End - Jamaican Gospel Special



Death Is Not The End digs up the oldest of the old, serving up your gospel, blues and folk with a crackle. Hear the dust.

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  • Mr & Mrs Mattis-Up Yonder
  • The Marvettes-We Are Not Divided
  • Claris & Enid-Thank God for Glory
  • Heavenly Voices-Heaven Is Better Than This
  • Gloria Bailey-Just a Little While to Jesus
  • Brother Henry's Group-Prayer Time
  • Gordon & Berry-The Land of Beulah
  • M. Ferguson-Let Me Tell About Jesus
  • Stafford Coombs-Bright Blue Galilee
  • M. Ferguson-I've Been Up the Mountain
  • Joan Creary-Since I Got Inside The Gate
  • Mr & Mrs Mattis-Romans Ten and Nine
  • Evangelist Higgins Group-Come and Worship
  • Joan Creary & Anthony-When I Look Back
  • The Faith Brothers-I'm Saved Now
  • Brother Nicky-Good Old Gospel Ship
  • Rev. Johnson & Gloria-Father Alone
  • Evangelist Higgins-Hurry Up
  • Loving Brothers-Samuel
  • Al Stewart-These Hands
  • Otis Wright-Some Day
  • Otis Wright-Take Up the Cross
  • The Marvettes-Let the Power Fall On Me
  • The Marvettes-He's So Real to Me
  • The Marvettes-Songs of Praise
  • The Marvettes-When My Pilot Come
  • The Marvettes-When I Look Back
  • The Marvettes-Daniel God
  • Astley Dixon-The Alphabet
  • Gloria Bailey-Will Your Anchor Hold
  • L. Winter-The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
  • Astley Dixon-Put No Blame on the Master
  • Heavenly Dreamers-We Shall Arise
  • The Gospel Singers-Noah Found Grace
  • Lion Brothers-Feeling Very Happy
  • Brown Grey Brothers-I Know It Was His Blood
  • Unknown-Lead Me Through the Darkness
  • Apolistic Singers-I Love Jesus
  • Knight & Bro Davis-Drunkard Plea
  • Adinah Edwards-Wonderful Friend
  • Cliff Titus & His Group-No Turning Back the Weary Traveller
  • Hubert Cunningham-In My Father's House