Veronica Vasicka & Silent Servant - NTS x RLR @ Dekmantel



The infamous NTS Dekmantel recordings dug up from deep within the Amsterdam forest for y'all to listen back to. Enjoy.

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  • Severed Heads-Hot With Fleas
  • Hard Corps-Je Suis Passee (dub)
  • Gesloten Cirkel-Stakan
  • Das Ding-Take Me Away
  • Marie Davidson-Exces De Vitesse
  • Liaisons Dangereuses-Los Ninos Del Parque (12" MIX)
  • Sympathy Nervous-Anatawa Suguni
  • Donato Dozzy-Fazah
  • Oppenheimer Analysis-The Devil's Dancers
  • Nitzer Ebb-Let Your Body Learn (instrumental)