The prolific Awful Records producer-DJ Dexter Dukarus takes over the NTS stream for an hour each month. Modern classics - hip-hop, R'n'B, beats and more from one of Atlanta's hottest.

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  • Foxes In Fiction-Into the Fields
  • iLoveMakonnen-Call Me Badly
  • Cosima-Had To Feel Something
  • Sango-Eu Te Devoro
  • Lord Apex-Trip
  • P-Rallel - In Space (Ft. Jaz Jethwa)
  • mndbd-hazy (ft. rezident)
  • Yuna-Come As You Are (Cover) (Dexter Dukarus Remix)
  • Sampha-100˚C (Dexter Dukarus Remix)
  • Hollyweerd-Weerdo
  • youngteam-Impulse (Ft. Eli Colburn)
  • Matt Martians-So Sorry
  • Kendall & the Loners-Pharrell’s iPod
  • KONA-Sirens (Prod. Matt Martians)
  • onitram & elate-scent
  • i n d k a h-i m m e r s e
  • rnd1-u n k n o w n
  • Coodie Breeze-Live and Die (Ft. Tyler Major)
  • brainorchestra-ontheheart [LT]
  • p-rallel - Vibrations (Ft. Finn Foxell)
  • Jayaire Woods-Roster (Prod. VZN)