Night Shift w/ Diamondstein

Los Angeles


Cold winds, empty streets. Dream Catalogue associate Diamondstein closes out Friday in LA with ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.

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  • Sevendeaths-Journey to E
  • Steve Hauschildt-Same River Twice
  • Anna Meredith-Scrimshaw
  • Inga Copeland-I am Your Ambient Wife
  • Steel Diamond-The End of the Road
  • Disasterpeace-Unfold
  • Tim Hecker-Studio Suicide, 1980
  • Steel Diamond-Epilogue
  • Scene from Elevator to the Gallows-Louis Malle
  • Mondkopf-Vivere, Pt. 4
  • Grouper-Call Across Rooms
  • Earthen Sea-Also an Act of Love
  • Earthen Sea-About That Time
  • Steve Moore-Endless Caverns
  • Yaleesa Hall X Malin-Second Carol (Asusu Remix)
  • Steve Moore-Deep Time
  • Inga Mauer-Metadose
  • HUMONS-Waiting In the Street (Diamondstein Remix)
  • Anna Meredith-Blackfriars