Night Shift w/ Diamondstein & Chrome Canyon

Los Angeles


Cold winds, empty streets. Dream Catalogue associate Diamondstein closes out Friday in LA with ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.

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  • Sinai Caves-1983 Main Theme
  • Steve Moore-Nemesis
  • John Carpenter and Alan Howarth-Moochie’s Death
  • Isco Tomita-Main Theme from “Catastrophe 1999” OST
  • Disasterpeace-Detroit
  • KRON-Dense Clouds
  • Didier Marouani-Temps X
  • Simonetti Morante Pignatelli-Tenebre
  • Wendy Carlos-A Clockwork Orange
  • Genioh Yamashirogumi-Tetsuo
  • Disasterpeace-Inquiry
  • Vangelis-Blade Runner Blues
  • Chrome Canyon-Lost in Time
  • Tangerine Dream-Highway Patrol
  • Goblin-Zombi
  • Droids-Shanti Dance
  • Brian Eno & David Byrne-Koran
  • Mark Pritchard ft. Them Yorke-Beautiful People