Night Shift w/ Steel Diamonds, New Shoppe & Diamondstein

Los Angeles


Cold winds, empty streets. Dream Catalogue associate Diamondstein closes out Friday in LA with ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.

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  • Wendy Carlos-Switched On Bach
  • Oneohtrix Point Never-Replica
  • DJ Seinfeld-Ruff Hysteria
  • Computer Graphics-Needle Man
  • Computer Graphics-Pie Amp
  • Computer Graphics-Dirty Tape
  • Teengirl Fantasy-All of the Time
  • Alan Morse Davies-Indigo Carmine
  • Seated Boxer-She Breathed Life Into Me
  • The Big vs. Earth-Broke
  • Sunn O)))-SIN Nanna
  • Tim Hecker-Virginal II
  • Eva Weishaupt-The Illuminated Path
  • Druid Cloak-Ice Walkers
  • Sandtimer-Meteor Dagger
  • joeFarr-Xamalle
  • Leibniz-Ur Qt
  • SCRTS-Tails Tied Together
  • Leyland Kirby-This Is the Story of Paradise Lost
  • Diamondstein-MSK
  • My Bloody Valentine-When You Sleep