Dirty Black Disco



A voyage through a half-century’s deep and rare rhythms of the universe. Two hours of music belonging to dark, sweaty dancefloors selected by Butter.

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  • Naomi Daniel-Stars (Formula)
  • B-Tracks-The Next Step
  • Konstantin Sibold-Mariam
  • Vakula-You’ve Never Been To Konotop
  • Wendell Harrison-Tons and Tons of B.S.
  • Del Jones-Vibe-ing Theme
  • Marvin Holmes and Justice-Take The Time Out
  • Together Band-You’re Just Teasing Me
  • Evans Pyramid-I Want Your Body
  • Marcellus Pittman-Razz 09
  • 3 Chairs-Misty City
  • Toronto Track Symphony-In The Projects
  • “C” On The Funk-In The Disco
  • Billy Cobham-The Pleasant Pheasant
  • Ronie & Central Do Brasil-Atoa Atoa
  • Exit 9-Straight Up
  • Bill Summers-Brazilian Skies
  • Joe Babylon-Rise
  • Be-Housekeysonbrandy
  • Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie-No Pressure
  • Janet Rushmore-Joy (Kaoz Trackin Dub)
  • CD-Them Back (Facade remix)
  • Coeo-Closer
  • Neversleep-Mouth Shut (Moire remix)
  • Jerzzey Boy-Like A
  • HNNY-Brasilian Sound
  • Eddie Fowlkes-Unsung Hero