Disjecta is a monthly hour long collection of computer music, club music, antagonistic politics, noise, 20th century classical, bad feelings, free jazz and failed conceptualism. Regular exclusive guest mixes from the best.

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  • Coil-Manunkind
  • World's Fastest Talker-Super Bass (Super Fast)
  • Coil-Cardinal Points
  • Dane Law-United in Dance
  • Brood Ma-Molten Brownian Motion
  • Brood Ma-Sex Compressor
  • The Mover-Comet's Swarm Rising
  • Chookiessss-Ovum
  • Ornine-Chitinous Horns
  • The Mover-Final Sickness
  • PUUTWA-Body Pressue (Sample)
  • Art Bears-First Things First
  • oxhy-gong demo
  • Coil-Bism
  • World's largest container ship-arrives in the UK
  • Kareem Lofty-Bola Sosa
  • SPK-Culturecide
  • djwwww-Sakura
  • Greater Frigate-bird display
  • Dj My Crasy Life-Sale Event 1
  • Finally Got the News-[excerpt]
  • Moro-San Berdino Status… Killed in Action
  • Coil-Manunkind
  • Astor-The Landowners