Don't Trip w/ Margarita & raxil4



Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water.

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  • Alvin Lucier-Music For Piano With Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators
  • John Carpenter-Antonio Bay
  • Death Ambient (Kato Hideki/Ikue Mori/Fred Frith)-Belarus
  • Bohdan Mazurek-Canti
  • rexil4-Live Improvisation
  • Phill Niblock-Guitar Too, For Four
  • Louis & Bebe Barron-The Monster Purssues/Morbius Is Overcome
  • Vladimir Ussachevsky-Computer Piece 1
  • Porn (The Men Of)-Feedback VII
  • John Zorn-Lucifer Rising
  • Manorexia-Amadillo Stance
  • Boris-Dronvil2