Don't Trip w/ Sly & The Family Drone



Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water . A mess of genres covering noise, drone, sludge, post-hardcore, atmospheric metal, freak folk, ambient, experimental and all that other good stuff.

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  • Audionauts-Hubble Repair
  • Ack Ack Ack-Alley Juice
  • Merzbow Pants Gustafsson-Deep Lines
  • Negativland-The Perfect Cut
  • Black Dice-Pigs
  • Fairhorns-Doki Doki You're Fucking Dead
  • Coagul-Purgatori
  • Kknull & Ore-Dawn Of Time
  • Scott Walker-See You Don’t Bump His Head
  • Khlist-III
  • John Weise-Circle Snare
  • Nate Young-Untitled
  • Nate Young-Untitled
  • Interlard-Ginger Wife
  • Quttinirpaaq-Chinese Hercules
  • Sonic Youth-Death Valley 69
  • Black Pus-Unknown
  • Skull Fuck-Horror II
  • Christian Marclay-Pandoras Box
  • Chris Corsano-Why Are Some Cricket Coaches Better Than Others?
  • The Geroferigegege-Life Document 2
  • Ultralyd-Glottality
  • Prurient-Historically Women Use Poison To Kill
  • Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary-A Body Reimagined
  • Diamanda Gallas-Solo Live In Amsterdam
  • John Carpenter's-Christine
  • Suicide-Keep Your Dreams