Eclair Fifi



Expert selections all round: encompassing everything you know and love from Eclair Fifi. That's techno, electro, hip-hop, Latin Freestyle, early Warp Records material, and then a bunch of other stuff that's bound to surprise you.

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  • Tomita-Snowflakes are dancing
  • Ianeq-The Return (fabrice lig remix)
  • Supermax-As long as there is
  • Erik Van Den Broek-Mic by Dunn
  • Dj JM-girl calls a cab
  • Hudson Mohawke-Escape
  • SOS band-Just be good to me acapella
  • The Neptunes-What’s that sound instrumental
  • Bleaker-Unknown
  • inkke-XL pakora
  • Joe Howe-Fusilli
  • TC4-Baker Street
  • Look Like-Phone interference
  • Da Posse-It’s my life (Aluh mix)
  • Arthur Russell-Let’s go swimming (gulf stream dub
  • Drew Sky-Night Games
  • Stevie B-Spring Love
  • Hunee-Folga
  • Nabintou Diakite-Mali (Look Like rework)
  • Alex M-1 last chance
  • ISLAND-tao ynys
  • Martel Ferdan-weir skimmer VIP
  • jeff phelps-k-shell
  • frankie bones-i love it
  • finch fetti-maria trust me
  • matthias zimmerman-neil
  • dj double nugget-dancing together VIP
  • detroyt-come with me
  • dj nehpets-best young dee jay
  • lloyd db-princess anna
  • parris mitchell-street jazz
  • kornel kovacs-pantalon
  • jared wilson-idea of a deep state
  • ALE-I wanna know
  • speedy j-pullover
  • cid rim-Unknown
  • jesse velez-girls out on the floor
  • fatima yamaha-sooty shearwater
  • motorbass-wan dence
  • X - 103-The gardens
  • S Type-Delicious
  • Zed-Plastic Love
  • DJ 809-Lean back
  • Justin Bieber-No sense
  • Tarika Blue-Dreamflower
  • Unknown-Detroit