Electric Warriors w/ J Bennett

Los Angeles


Headed up by longtime metal journalist J. Bennett, Electric Warriors charts 70s psych, hard rock and glam, as well as covering ground between classic 80s heavy metal and death metal.

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  • Black Sabbath-Killing Yourself To Live
  • Tank-Storm Trooper
  • Accept-Metal Heart
  • Rogue Male-Belfast
  • Waysted-Won’t Get Out Alive
  • Trauma-Such a Shame
  • In Solitude-Serpents Are Rising
  • Tribulation-Strange Gateways Beckon
  • Seremonia-Uhrijuhla
  • Noctum-Conflagration
  • Immortal-Solarfall
  • Nifelheim-From Hell’s Vast Plains
  • Iron Maiden-Powerslave
  • Mercyful Fate-Black Funeral
  • Night Demon-Screams in the Night
  • Carcass-Keep on Rotting in the Free World
  • Scissorfight-Human Head
  • Kyuss-Demon Cleaner
  • Motörhead-Turn You ‘Round Again
  • Rose Tattoo-Assault and Battery
  • Scorpions-Another Piece of Meat
  • Buffalo-I’m a Skirt Lifter, Not a Shirt Raiser
  • Angel-Tower
  • Kreator-After the Attack
  • Crypt Sermon-De Mysteriis Doom Suthanas