Elena Colombi



Elena Colombi helps to keep Mondays weird - expect a diverse range of up-and-at-'em records: from techno to post-punk, through EBM, industrial and -wave...

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  • 7FO-In A Watermelon Head
  • Goz Mongo Alliance-So Please Go Away
  • Candidate-The Wound
  • Warsaw-No Love Lost
  • David Van Tieghem-Remote Viewing
  • Craig Leon-Ring With Three Concentric Discs
  • Tuxedomoon-No Tears
  • Red Axes-Spirit In The Sky
  • Kraftwerk-Kraftywerk
  • Beastie Boys-Picture This
  • Lino Capra Vaccina-Andante Ancestrale (excerpt)
  • Syrinx-Appalosa-Pegasus
  • rRoxymore-Ministry of Silly Talks (Original Mix)
  • Jonny 5-Last Train
  • Jason Edwards-Codeine