Fat Out



DIY promoters of Fat Out's Burrow at Islington Mill, the Fat Out crew flick through their crates once a month to serve up a right treat of gluey DIY post-punk, experimental and flat-out weird records alongside all the other stuff they're into.

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  • Mdou Moctar-Tahoultine
  • Louise Landes Levi-Unknown
  • Naked on drugs-Green Leather Jacket
  • Charles Hayward-Lopside
  • Negra Brance-Anzol
  • Omar Rodrigez & Lydia Lunch-Welcome to my Church
  • Janet Jackson-Pleasure Principle
  • E.S.G-Hold Me Right
  • Waterboarders-Tread On Them
  • The Death of Her Money ft Jarboe-Money through Dreams
  • Boris-My Neighbour is Satan
  • 2+2=5-Jach's Story
  • Trummor & Orgel-Arcadian Flowers
  • Paul McCartney-Temporary Secretary
  • Selvenhelter-Mos Def
  • Grace Jones-Cry Now Laugh Later
  • William Onyeabore-Something you will never forget
  • Kyham Allami-Tawazon ballence
  • Twinkle With Sidsel Endressen-Gloomenesence
  • Lake of Snake-Rough Love
  • Cher-I Found Someone