Fat Out



DIY promoters of Fat Out's Burrow at Islington Mill, the Fat Out crew flick through their crates once a month to serve up a right treat of gluey DIY post-punk, experimental and flat-out weird records alongside all the other stuff they're into.

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  • Essotronic research council-this is the north
  • Gas-Pop 1
  • Dead Can Dance-Anywhere Out Of The World
  • Heather Leigh-The Return
  • Fripp & Eno-Wind On Water
  • Henry Cowell-Aeolian Harp & Sinister Resonance
  • Bjork-Lion Song (Mica Levi Remix)
  • Bohren & Der Club Of Gore-Fahr Zur Holle
  • Jessy Lanza-Giddy
  • Jlin-Black Ballet
  • Fay-Talk With my body
  • Bali Gamelan & Kecak-Gamelan Salundding
  • Gang Of Four-Ether
  • This Heat-Horizontal hold
  • Ex Easter Island Head-16 Snares
  • Zhala-I’m In Love
  • Biggie Smalls-What’s the Beef
  • Tina Turner-I cant stand the rain
  • The Knife-Pass This On (Shaken up version)
  • Arnold Dreyblatt-Pedal Tone Dance
  • Negra Blanca-Beira Beira
  • Gnod & John Doran-Area Forecast Manchester
  • Anonymous Bash-Ambiguous trash
  • Flower Traveling Band-Satori 1
  • Gloria Estifan-rythm’s gonna get you