Fat Out



DIY promoters of Fat Out's Burrow at Islington Mill, the Fat Out crew flick through their crates once a month to serve up a right treat of gluey DIY post-punk, experimental and flat-out weird records alongside all the other stuff they're into.

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  • BadBadNotGood-Can't Leave The Night
  • Psyche-The Saint Became A Lush
  • Dean Blunt-The Pedigree
  • 90 day men-Even Time Ghosts cant stop wagner
  • Pharmakon-Intent or instinct
  • Swans-Thank You
  • Gnod-Control Systems
  • Michael Jackson-Speed Demon
  • Enablers-Paton
  • Dope Body-Powder Out Of My Mind
  • Iggy Pop-Sister Midnight
  • Captain Beefhart-Same Old Blues
  • Grinder Man-Kitchenette
  • Selda-Meydan Sizindir
  • Ata kak-Obaa Sima
  • Tin Gorbhe Ache Ak Chele-Purna Chandra Das
  • John Coltrane-India
  • Fripp & Eno-The Heavenly Music Of Corporation
  • Ex Easter Island Head-First Movement
  • Svntreader-Flesh and bone
  • Cut Hands-Damballah 58
  • Betty Davis-He Was A Big Freak
  • ABBA-Lay All Your Love On Me