Fervent Moon

Mexico City


DJ: “… I don’t know, I didn’t… I didn’t think I’d be the one holding the air, I never spoke live before the event consumed the many. I’ve no news for the desperate survivors and… and I can’t... well, I can hope that this next song might help us survive a little longer..."

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  • Tiro Ternura-A Gira (Tomash Edit)
  • Rumba Macieo-Jovens do Prenda
  • Avante Juventude-Os Anjos
  • Bello Atanda and His Apala Group-Unknown
  • Testpattern-Friday
  • Aby Ngana Diop-Orchestra Of Spheres (Dieuleul-Dieuleul Remix)
  • Aby Ngana Diop-Michael Ozone Liital Rhythm
  • Dur Dur Band-Dooyo
  • The Apryl Fool-The Lost Mother Land, Pt. 2
  • Tewolde Redda-Milenu
  • Muluken Melesse & Girma Beyene-Yemiaslekes Fikir
  • Sofiane-Targuit Uzal
  • Agraw-Mawlaccikem
  • Afous-El Houb
  • Tinariwen-Denna Bay
  • Testpattern-Techno Age