Fervent Moon

Mexico City


DJ: “… I don’t know, I didn’t… I didn’t think I’d be the one holding the air, I never spoke live before the event consumed the many. I’ve no news for the desperate survivors and… and I can’t... well, I can hope that this next song might help us survive a little longer..."

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  • Amigos Tres-Miami Vice
  • Bernard Fevre-Dali
  • Black Mountain-In Sequence
  • Bonga Kwenda-Mu nhango
  • Davido-Aye
  • Incantation-Cacharpaya
  • Mark Shreeve-Flagg
  • Resonance-Safari Love
  • Rex Rabanye-O Nketsang
  • Rex Rabanye-Waya Waya
  • Yemisax (African Sax King)-JHONNY (Yemisax Remix) (original by Yemi Alade)
  • Camaro's Gang-Corn Flakes
  • Rudiger Lorenz-Summer with Sonja
  • Arthur Lyman-Andalusia
  • Corporal "Ace" Meyers-Peace and Freedom are an illusion
  • Corporal "Ace" Meyers-Romance, Just Out Of Reach
  • Corporal "Ace" Meyers-Trouble
  • Jöel Fajerman-Ma Fôret
  • Kourosh Yaghmaei-Gole Yakh (Winter Sweet)
  • Lalo Schifrin-Black Widow
  • Lew Howard All-Stars - Hula Rock (Bosworth: America '76)
  • Pierre Dutour-Jungle Trompet
  • Pierre-Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin - Africa Semper
  • The Willesden Dodgers-Gunsmoke Breakout
  • Alan Shearer-Sons of the Snake
  • Arthur Lyman-Guadalajara
  • Beach Boys-Our Prayer
  • Jöel Fajerman-Racines Synthetiques
  • Sharon Marie-Summertime