Field Work - Funeral Potatoes



South London friends and family Field Work embark on a free-flowing cruise through ambient environs, strange pop, smudgy dub, assembled voices and assorted intercepted transmissions. Accompanied by GIFs at

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  • Hoshimi Yoshimura-Green shower
  • Zavi Java Orchestra-Harmonic Ripples
  • Dip in the Pool-On Retina
  • Peking lights-Tiger Eyes
  • Johannes Schmoelling-The Woodpecker
  • Chris and Cosey-Allotropy
  • Jon Hassell-Dream Theory
  • Suzanne Kraft-Scripted Space
  • Michel Redolfi-Too Much Sky
  • Unknown Nigerian-Unknown Nigerian
  • Motion Sickness of Time Travel-Color Changing Eyes
  • Rhythm & Sound-In My Empire
  • Pana Brites-Quartz
  • Partial Arts-Trauer Musik
  • Christine Otts-Reve and Pearl Noir
  • Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney-Pathways
  • Ira Stein & Russel Walder-The Calling
  • Aragon-アタタビタタ
  • Janes Addiction-Classic Girl