Field Work



South London friends and family Field Work embark on a free-flowing cruise through ambient environs, strange pop, smudgy dub, assembled voices and assorted intercepted transmissions. Accompanied by GIFs at

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  • Oneohtrix Point Never-Describing Bodies
  • A.r.t. Wilson-Sun Sign Cancer
  • d'Eon-No. 85
  • Vermont-Dynamic
  • Robert Schroder-Utopia
  • Third Eye Foundation-In Bristol with a Pistol
  • Public Image Limited-The Order of Death
  • Cocteau Twins-Watchlar
  • Walls-Voluta
  • Paul Sauvanet-Eleusis
  • Akos Coolcas-Free Flight
  • Cos/mes-Midnight Fusion Theme
  • Fennesz-Transit
  • Uhf Lohman-Sicht
  • Bee Mask-The Story of Keys and Locks
  • David Burns-Big Business
  • Palm Highway Chase-Invisible Island
  • Moutain of One-Our Eyes
  • Linkwood-Miles Away
  • Gonno-Obscurant
  • Megabyte-Powerplay
  • Terry Marshall-Global
  • Special Touch-Garden of Life
  • Pet Shop Boys-West End Girls