Finetooth w/ Derrick Gee (Calypso Special)



Longstanding Sydney internet radio show Finetooth sees its NTS incarnation. Killer contemporary hip-hop selections alongside unexpected but never disappointing left-field tunes.

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  • Mighty Panther-The Big Bamboo
  • Zilla Mays-Calypso
  • Mighty Panther-The Bedbug Song
  • The Mighty Terror-Women Police In England
  • Wilmoth Houdini-Bobby Sox Idol
  • Macbeth the Great-Buy Me a Zeppelin
  • Roaring Lion-Life Can Be Sunny (Money, Money, Money)
  • The Norman Luboff Choir-Bamboo Tamboo
  • Maya Angelou-Calypso Blues
  • Small Island Pride-Taxi Driver
  • Young Tiger-Calypso Be
  • Los Tres Diamantes-La Empaliza
  • Small Island Pride-Apple Vendor
  • Small Island Pride-Carnival Celebration
  • Lord Cobra-Colon Colon
  • The Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians-Brownskin Girl
  • Brute Force Steelband of Antigua-Take Her To Jamaica Where the Rum Comes From
  • Louis Jordan & His Typany Five-Stone Cold Dead in the Market
  • C.W. Stoneking-Brave Son of America
  • Ralph MacDonald-Calypso Path (Sofrito Edit)