The R'n'G churning figurehead Finn McCorry gives the NTS Manc speakers a tidy work out once a month. Trust in Finn for a nice bag of tracks n edits; grime, garage, house, R'n'B, bassline and all that other stuff.

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  • Sachiko-Rain Song1
  • Aaron Carl-Ctrl-End
  • Waxmaster Maurice-Going Down (Ghetto Mix)
  • Detroit In Effect-Shake A Lil Faster
  • Wyndell Long-It’s A Damn Shame
  • Wyndell Long-Wonder
  • DJ Skip-The Cleaner Side Of Me
  • The House Crew-We Are Hardcore
  • Mark Ruff Ryder-Train
  • Top Cat-Work Out
  • Starski & Clutch-Do It (145 Mix)
  • Big Daddy Rick-Titty Inferno
  • Mark Ruff Ryder-House It Up (Rave Mix)
  • Altern-8 - Respect Is Due (Breakbeat Hysteria Mix)
  • Finn-Late At Night (Do Not Disturb Mix)
  • DJ Slugo-U Scared
  • Acen-Trip II The Moon (The Darkside)
  • DJ Starski & DJ Godfather-Ready To Go
  • DJ Godfather-Work That (Dirty!)
  • Erotek-Guess Your Weight (Version 2)
  • DJ Assault-Love The Pussy
  • DJ Nehpets-I Get High
  • DJ Assault-Sex On The Beach
  • DJ Kev-Untitled
  • Underground Frequency-Melodic Meltdown
  • Burning Chrome-Didn’t I Do The Best I Could
  • DJ Nehpets-Lay It Down (The Snap Track)
  • DJ Pooch-Untitled
  • DJ Rashad-In Da Club Before 11 O’Clock