The R'n'G churning figurehead Finn McCorry gives the NTS Manc speakers a tidy work out once a month. Trust in Finn for a nice bag of tracks n edits; grime, garage, house, R'n'B, bassline and all that other stuff.

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  • The Cool Notes-In Your Car
  • Mercedes-Do You Wanna Ride
  • Sharon Redd-I got ya where i want
  • DJ Technics-Ghost In My House
  • Rod Lee-Bombin Bitches
  • Bleaker-Untrue
  • Ladycop-To be real
  • The Analogue Cops & Blawan-45 Dollars
  • Finn-No No No
  • Rod Lee-My Crew, My Dog
  • Walter Ego-Eme Nenyo
  • Dj Technics-Cumm on
  • Finn-move it (Castle)
  • Dj Technics-Girlfriend
  • DJ Quest & The Yungsta-Rumble
  • Rod Lee-Understand
  • Glamma Kid Ft Shola Ama-Taboo (MJ Cole Full Vocal Mix)
  • Wale-Lotus Flower Bomb (Irresistible Mix)
  • Deadboy & Murlo-Squeeze
  • Swiftee-Motown Dreams
  • Hard drive-Deep inside (mike Gip remix)
  • Dj Jayhood-Otis
  • Mariah Carey-Boy (agent x 4x4 remix)
  • Mark Ruff Rider-Soundsystem Check (slip mix)
  • Fintan Stack-Roman
  • William Skeng-Romantix
  • Dj Godfather & Coon Dady-see u no mo
  • LOL boys-moments in heartbreak
  • Fintan Stack-Expensive Taste