The R'n'G churning figurehead Finn McCorry gives the NTS Manc speakers a tidy work out once a month. Trust in Finn for a nice bag of tracks n edits; grime, garage, house, R'n'B, bassline and all that other stuff.

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  • Persian-Feel Da Vibe
  • Willie Burns-I Wanna Love You
  • Peekay-Your Loving
  • Persian-Summer Breeze
  • DJ Texta & Persian-Play It Deejay
  • Big Sean-Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (DJ Rell Remix)
  • DJ Kiff-Can't Be Friends
  • Unknown Artist-Take My Time
  • DJ Jayhood-Heartbroken
  • DJ Kiff & DJ Rell-Sure Thing Bet That
  • Mr Thang-Shake Your Dick
  • KW Griff-U Big Dummy
  • DJ Kmillz-Are You That Somebody
  • Ventura-Into The Tunnel
  • DJ Jayhood & DJ Joker-Hands On Your Hips
  • Thomas Bangalter-Ventura
  • Wale-lotus Flower Bomb
  • eedb vs Flirtations-Time (TnG Remix)
  • Technics-I just Wanna Fuck
  • whitney Houston-Its Not Right But Its Okay (Exemen Remix)
  • Gant Man-Atraxion (Monotonous Mix)
  • Yung KiiD ft Dj 809-Back That Big Ole Thing Up
  • Anz-Spottie Flip
  • Aaliyah-Are You That Somebody (DJ Kmillz Remix)
  • Omer and Crooks-Let There Be Light
  • Rainbow Country-Its U
  • Finn-Lightwork feat. Fox
  • Dj Kev-Happy Trax vol 2 B