DJ Fitz - Africa Seven Tribute



DJ Fitz takes an educated run-up at pumping genres from across the world, all the way from Bombay's synth funk or Saz jams from Turkey through to heavy African percussion and everything else in between. Tune in for the DJ Fitz schooling.

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  • EKAMBI Brillant-Africa Africa
  • Bongi Makeba-Blow on Wind
  • Jo Tongo-Jangolo
  • Gregoire Lawani-Africa Land of Soul.
  • Pasteur Lappe-Na Real Semele Fo'Ya
  • TALA AM-Sugar Lump
  • M'Bamina-Atide
  • Tumblack-Caraiba
  • Pasteur Lappe-More Sekele Movement
  • Manu Dibango-Sun Explosion
  • Sory Bamba-Kanaga 78