Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records



Always keen to do more than just what record stores do, Flashback Records joined NTS’ Record Store Rotation, keen as ever to lay down some classic reggae, post-punk and soul tracks. Friendly vibes, like usual.

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  • Archie Bell & The Drells-When You Left Heartache Began
  • Esther Phillips-Home Is Where The Hatred Is
  • Trammps-Rubber Band
  • Leci Brandao-Questao De Gosto
  • Gato Barbieri Fenix-Tupac Amaru
  • King Tubby-Sir Nineys Rock
  • Dred Scott-Check That Vibe
  • Robert Parker-Lets Go Baby
  • Cynthia Richards-Jungle Fever
  • Zpica Milan Martin-Kdo To Zvoni
  • Bill Withers-Better Off Dead
  • Luis Enriquez-Carrefour
  • Camille Yarbrough-Take Yo Praise
  • Young Marco-Biology Theme
  • Kirsty MacColl-Walking Down Madison (6 A.M. Amient Mix)
  • Kindness-This Is Not About Us
  • Antena-Bye Bye Papaye (Lexx Mix)
  • Stereolab-Miss Modular
  • Paul McCartney-Frozen Jap (Unreleased Version)
  • Francis Bebey-Lamido
  • Axel Boman-Bayaya
  • Astud Gilberto-Black Magic
  • Eddie Kendricks-Girl You Need A Change Of Mind
  • Bazia-South Side (Forest Hill Mix)
  • X-Clusive - Exclusive
  • Mafia-Blackhand
  • Lewi & Chopper-Make Love 2 Me
  • Unknown-Never Felt
  • Bigga Tee-19 Funky 5
  • Bazia-Kill & Kollect
  • Dillinja-South Side (Ruffin Mix)
  • Unknown-Untitled
  • Jungle Bunnies-Feelin' Da Desire
  • Frankie Paul-My Sound Jungle
  • DJ Gunshot-Bad Boy
  • Rude + Deadly-Mash Dem Down