Floating Points & Caribou



Floating Points and Caribou both put on some wigs and went back to back for Halloween.

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  • Lou Bond-To The Establishment
  • Lee Moses-What You Don't Want Me To Be
  • Beverly-Glenn Copeland - Ever New
  • Cinnamone Soulettes-I'll Show You How
  • Nancy Holloway-Sand And Rain
  • June Evans-Hardly Need To Say
  • The Pink Family-Don't Give Your Life Away
  • Honey & The Bees-Love Addict
  • Mark Capanni & Jackson Sisters-I believe In Miracles
  • R D Burman-Pain Is A Many Splendoured Thing
  • Ifang Bondi And Afro Mandingue Sounds-Atis-Tis
  • Bozambo-Viva Bozambo
  • Eric and George-Over The Bar (Daphne Edit)
  • Untitled-Untitled
  • Quarteto Novo-Algodao
  • Joao Donato-A Ra
  • Walter Franco-Mamae D'agua
  • Yves Hayat-Conscience de l'agression
  • Lou Ragland-Understand Each Other
  • Doug Hammond-Wake Up Brothers
  • Fazon-Sopwith Camel
  • Matti Oiling-Africa
  • Jackie Mitto-Hot Blood
  • The Whatnauts-Why Can't People Be Colours Too
  • King Jammy-Rock Them One By One
  • Ithaca-Feelings
  • Willow-Untitled