A Strange Attractor w/ Fortuna Records

Tel Aviv


Fortuna Records specialize in the forgotten psychedelic sounds of Israeli and middle eastern grooves, giving records from their own back yard the exposure they never got...

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  • Sun Ra-I am strange
  • Solomon Ilori & His Afro Drum Ensemble-Igbesi Aiye
  • Mystic Soundz From Afrika-Drum Dirge
  • Teshome Demissie-Tezeta
  • Raymonde-Zaouya
  • Folklores du Monde-Ahouan Do Sada
  • Wareika Hill Sounds-Sweet Incense
  • Augustus Pablo-Dub 4
  • Unknown-Untitled
  • Trifonas-Tourne Kai Tourne
  • Erkin Koray-Bu Sana Son Mektubum
  • Untitled-Unknown