Four Tet & Chris Menist (Paradise Bangkok)



Four Tet undertook a month log residency on NTS for May 2014, and strolled through a few heavy mixes of his bugged out favourites, along with some big special guests.

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  • M.S. Subbulakshmi-Hindi Hari Maitho
  • Stratus-Girl
  • Milt Ward & Virgo Spectrum-Virgo Paths
  • Coley-Dirty Jo
  • Afro National-Jokenge
  • The Roe O Tation-Special Category
  • You Hit The Spot Baby-Gloria Walker & The Chevelles
  • Carabao-Made In Thailand
  • Ray Williams-Cosmopolitan London
  • Amambo Girls-There'll Be A Light
  • Orchestre de Saint Louis-Aya Bimba
  • Les Fantaisistes D'Haiti-Panno Caye Nan Bois Chene
  • Well Pleased & Satisfied-Sweetie Come From America
  • Glen Adams-Mad Blank
  • King Tubby-This A The Hardest Version
  • The Aggrovators-A Glorious Version
  • Al Green-Strong As Death (Sweet As Love)
  • Kumar Basnyat-Kanchi Khojdai
  • Unknown-Untitled Sudanese
  • Waipod Petchsuphan-Untitled
  • Baris Manco-Olum Allahin Emri
  • Dimenzio-Bamba
  • Staff Carpenborg & The Electric Corona-All Men Shall Be Brothers of Ludwig
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees-Supernatural Thing
  • Ephraim Joe & Sangura Boys-Chirwere
  • Mombasa Roots Band-My Everything
  • Peter Oluoch-Owiti Anyul
  • Petch Burapa-Kor Hua Jai Bee Kuen
  • Musique Du Viet-Nam-Ngu Chung Dao
  • Angela Simpson-Little Children pt.II
  • Lala Ki-Bimbo Pop Sunda
  • Traore Ablo-Renoveau