Francis Redman



Electronic music traced to ancestral roots via soundsystem culture. Connect with francis on Twitter: @francisredman Francis used to present The Hot Selection, for archived shows

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  • Cult Film-Panchreston
  • Sporting Life-Court Vision (Actress Remix)
  • Tribe of Colin-Palm Whine
  • Les Gracies-Compoly
  • Yalessa Hall-Woodall
  • Arthur Rusell-Answers Me
  • Sam Amidon-Wild Bill Jones
  • Bon Iver-715 - CR∑∑KS
  • Chance The Rapper-Summer Friends (feat Jeremih and Francais The Light)
  • Youandewan-4D Anxiety
  • Darkhouse Family-Frosted Flakes
  • Darkness-Question That (Instrumental)
  • Dom Peringon-Hungry Tiger (VIP)
  • Spooky-Only U
  • K Man The Phantom-Blink
  • DJ Sinclair-Gunman What
  • Logos-Cloudbursting (Iglew Remix)
  • Possible Worlds-The Greatest Treasure In The Universe
  • Mica Levi-Love
  • The Lone Bureaucrat-Loveless
  • CV313-Dimensional Space
  • DJ Fulltono-Jackie
  • Unknown-Gangstalker (Werdum Call To Arms Mix)
  • Seekerinternational-No Competition (ft. Kidlat)
  •'s Getting To My Head
  • Ital Tek-Beyond Sight