Francis Redman & Matt Karmil



Electronic music traced to ancestral roots via soundsystem culture. Connect with francis on Twitter: @francisredman Francis used to present The Hot Selection, for archived shows

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  • Wookie-Intro
  • Four Tet-Kool Fm (Champion Remix)
  • Rebound X-Rhythm n Gash
  • Capo Lee-Mud
  • First Circle-Carnival Weekend
  • First Circle-98 - 100 BPM
  • Frank Ocean-Nikes
  • Frank Ocean-White Ferrari
  • Jon Bap-Don'T Run Into The Dark So Quick
  • Matt Karmil-Feelings Drives Loops Hearts
  • Matt Karmil-Live the Dream
  • Matt Karmil-AF
  • Matt Karmil-If I'm Honest I Miss You a Little Bit
  • Malcolm Cecil-Gamelonia Dawn
  • Unknown-Pauls Blues
  • Globex-Inversial
  • Kornel Kovacs-Josey's Tune (Samo DJ Remix)
  • Maurizio-M6 (A)
  • Lnrdcroy-Kali Yuga
  • Efdemin-Parralaxis (Traumprinz Over 2 the End Version)
  • Motion Graphics-Anywhere