From The Depths w/ Drakeford



The FTD label’s bi-weekly audio vomit. Often hosted by Charles Drakeford, with occasional guests if they’re in town. Expect music for all occasions, though perhaps most commonly club-centric selections.

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  • Wabine-Sail On
  • Doug Hream Blunt-Gentle Persuasion
  • Vangelis-Improvisation
  • David Astri-Dancing Digits
  • Cerrone-Give Me Love
  • Valerie Dore-Get Closer
  • LIES-Comeback Dust(Max D's Big Top Dusthead Remix)
  • Jordan-Tokyo Marathon
  • Fingerman-Too Much
  • Donna Allen-Sweet Somebody (Dub)
  • William Watts-Eye Mush
  • Nico Motte-Rheologia
  • Neuroshima-Scanner (Extended)
  • Hunee-Folga
  • Hanna-I Needed
  • Kenny Larkin-Glob (Ben Klock Remix)
  • Stefan Jos-3
  • STL-Mindbender
  • Kenny Larkin-Smile
  • Barbara Tucker-I Get Lifted (Armand's Lift Me Up Mix)
  • Answer Code Request-Zenith
  • Ford Foster-Beaten By A Gang