From The Depths w/ Drakeford & Resom



The FTD label’s bi-weekly audio vomit. Often hosted by Charles Drakeford, with occasional guests if they’re in town. Expect music for all occasions, though perhaps most commonly club-centric selections.

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  • JUNIPER & ARNALDO-Quiet Moon
  • Jus Ed-Shit
  • Bobby Konders-House Rythems: Massai Woman
  • Hundred20-The whale minke congregration
  • Soundstream-Live Goes On
  • Boo Williams-Day & Night
  • Sideshow-Philly Soundworks - Jesse Rose Remix
  • Simple & Thigpen-Licking Peanut Butter (Freak Seven remix)
  • Jitterbug-Rise of the Machines
  • Alexander Robotnick-Made In China (Unit 4 Remix)
  • Clemens Neufeld-Drop Out (Al Ferox remix)
  • RAG-Rage (Extended Epic Version)
  • XDB-Recago
  • Marcel fengler-6 In A Row
  • Northern Structures-Rotations