From The Depths w/ Drakeford



The FTD label’s bi-weekly audio vomit. Often hosted by Charles Drakeford, with occasional guests if they’re in town. Expect music for all occasions, though perhaps most commonly club-centric selections.

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  • David Byrne-I Know Sometimes A Man Is Wrong
  • Charles Cohen-Duo's / Solo's
  • Priest-N/A
  • Obalski-Chevy Cheese (Public Possession)
  • Larktedra-N/A
  • Abfahrt Hinwil-N/A
  • Kosmos-N/A
  • Yamashito Interlude-N/A
  • Bell Towers "JOMM" (Public Possession)-N/A
  • Fluffy Clouds-N/A
  • Point Zero Best-N/A
  • Black No 2-N/A
  • Dodo Marmoroso-N/A
  • Madteo Interlude-N/A
  • Gala Drop-N/A
  • Laurie Anderson-N/A