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Boogie blasters. Street Soul. 50p bangers and rare tackle. Synthesizer funk, whacked-out RNB, specialist soul. Once a month hosted by Randall Marsh, Ruf Dug & sonofapizzman. ALL HITTERS - NO SHITTERS. ALL WAX - NO TAX.

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  • Menace-Dog House
  • Gwen Guthrie-Outside in the rain (Levan Remix)
  • Gina-Hooked on your love
  • Drew Richards-I don’t want to loose your love (club version)
  • Terry Burrus & trans-love rockin (dub version)
  • one way-Can I
  • La Famile-Dancer
  • Eurofunk-Man Shortage
  • Masurrati-Super Duper Lovin (instrtumental)
  • Kim hert-Do you wanna dance (with me)?
  • Deligation-it’s your turn
  • Second Image-Start Again
  • Scratch-Eastern Lady
  • George Howard-Philly talk
  • Cleeer-take your heart away
  • Hamilton Bohannan-Wake up
  • B.r.u.t.-China Freak
  • Goodie-Ready or not
  • Deluxe-My Mamma & Pappa (remix)
  • Laurice Hudson-Feel My Love
  • Uk Payers-Love’s gonna get ya.
  • Michael Stirling-Desperate
  • Richie Weeks & Centerfold-Forbidden Fruit (extended version)
  • Mahogany-Masterpiece of love (dub version)
  • Point 3 fm-Picks Me up
  • The Controllers-Undercover Lover
  • Mildred Scott-Automatic
  • Black Byrds-Do it girl
  • The Tapes-The Wait