Full Beam! FM w/ Metrodome



Boogie blasters. Street Soul. 50p bangers and rare tackle. Synthesizer funk, whacked-out RNB, specialist soul. Once a month hosted by Randall Marsh, Ruf Dug & sonofapizzman. ALL HITTERS - NO SHITTERS. ALL WAX - NO TAX.

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  • Marz-I Got a Boyfriend Now (Instrumental)
  • TRA feat Kim Ball-The Real World (E-Dub Mix)
  • Rick Clarke-Perfect Lady (The Extra Beat Boys Mix)
  • The Rake-Street Justice
  • Sylvia Smith-I don't wanna Be A Sometime Lover
  • Metrodome-??? Edit
  • Metrodome-Charmstoned (Full Beam Edit)
  • Metrodome-Xantham Gum
  • Zena Dejonay-I've Got To Find A Way (Dub Version)
  • Metrodome-Delorian Dreams
  • Kasso-DIg It
  • Metrodome-Rain
  • Robbie M-I wanna Be With You Tonight (Instrumental)
  • Reaction-My Down Town Lady (Vocal Mix)
  • LA Voyage II-Wanna Get Next To You
  • Kerr-Back At Ya
  • Kamiko-Feel Alright (Metrodome edit)
  • Steve Phelto-Don't Give Your Love Away
  • Linda Lewis-Class/Style (I've Got It)
  • Savanna-Never Let You Go
  • Dam Funk-I want You
  • Thomas McClay-I'm Gonna Get You Back
  • Metrodome-Shadow Boogie2
  • Julia & Company-Breaking Down
  • Mckenzie & Gardener-From Time
  • LA Voyage II-I Found You
  • Metrodome-Lovers Shuffler
  • The Larry Joseph Project-You're the Best (Extended Mix)
  • Bata Drum-Passion