Full House (Halloween Special)



One for the collectors: Full House is a bi-weekly effort that showcases an encyclopaedic catalogue of the best psych and funk records from all over the world, embracing a plastic approach to genre, occasionally dipping into far-reaching disco and jazz.

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  • James Harpam-Visions of 2000 A.D
  • Black Sabbath-Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • The Wickerman-Search 1 - Ba Ba Black Sheep
  • Father Francis-Ghost Song
  • Dr Octagon-Mr. Gerbik
  • Stelvio Cipriani-Rites Percussion Theme
  • The Burning-End Theme
  • Sancho-Chase Vampire
  • Roberto Donati-On The Trail
  • Epsilon-Ayayaya
  • Howard Wales-Rendezvous
  • Claudette & Ti Pierre-Zanmi Camarade
  • Voodoo Drums-Voodoo Drums in Hi-Fi
  • Black Devil Disco Club-I Regret The Flower Power (Dub)
  • Umberto-Dream Sequence
  • Umberto-The Intermission
  • The Bees-She's a Witch