Full House



One for the collectors: Full House is a bi-weekly effort that showcases an encyclopaedic catalogue of the best psych and funk records from all over the world, embracing a plastic approach to genre, occasionally dipping into far-reaching disco and jazz.

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  • Shakti-Bridge of Sighs
  • Alan Watts-Onion Chant
  • Lette Mbulu-Pula Yetla
  • Tito Puente-Rumba-Timbalas
  • Lowrell-Mellow Mellow Right On
  • Nev Cottee-If I could Tell You
  • Ananda Shankar-Saga
  • Alan Watts-Fingernail Poem
  • Nino Ferrer-Looking For You
  • Mona Marchly-Chamss El Maghareb
  • The Electric Organ Orchestra-夕陽之戀
  • Dengue Fever-Genjer Genjer
  • Holy Name Choir & Guitars-Sing Out My Soul To The Lord
  • Clive bradley-I Like It
  • Danny & Lynda-God Is Real
  • Daniel Forestal-Le Metis
  • Friends-Constant Jamming
  • Matthew Christopher-Powerplay B
  • The Kramford Look-Simple Design
  • The Bob Crew Generation-Menage A Trois
  • Markley-Sweet Lady 11
  • Khruangbin-The Recital That Never Happened
  • Dimensional Sounds-Close Encounters
  • Shaluza Max-Mangese
  • Beb Brako-Adom
  • Yvonne Chaka-I am Crying For Love
  • Keith Killgo-When The Lights Are Out
  • Children Talking-World Of Grown Ups