Gang Fatale



A collective started by Ra Ra and Neana, Gang Fatale join NTS for a monthly showcase of old favourites as well as the latest offerings from Gang Fatale’s friends and family. Bridging dots between R&B, B’more, Jersey and London, jack up the volume.

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  • 50 Second Street-Can't Let You Go
  • Gang Fatale-Untitled
  • Nicki Minaj (Produced by 1989)-Truffle Butter Instrumental
  • Groove Chronicles-Holiday Da Vybe
  • Mac Noddy-Tuff
  • Gang Fatale-Never Enough
  • Drake-10 Bands
  • Saint-We Goin' In (Feat. UNIlQU3)
  • DJ Spider-Cunt Cunt Cunt
  • DVA-Fiddler
  • Karizma-I.C.U (Original Mix)
  • RaRa Fatale-First Contact
  • Hysterics-Empty
  • Gang Fatale x Kieran Loftus-Ate The Booty
  • Georgia Girls-J A Guys
  • Bok Bok and Sweyn Jupiter-Papaya Lipgloss
  • Suzu x TY Dolla-Braille
  • Lvis 1990, neana, Lory Janez and mila j-smoke, drink, bounce
  • Grievious Angel-Ice Rink (Tribal Mix)
  • fatima al qadiri-shanghai freeway (neana rmx)
  • gang fatale & kieran loftus-fuck a deal (prod rara)
  • philly most wanted-Please don’t mind
  • Supraman-Silver Salute
  • Supraman-Cash America
  • Albyy-Ride That Thing
  • Supraman (2)-Resonate
  • Supraman (1)-Closing Distance
  • Neana x Kieran-Opulence
  • k-shiv-Up
  • Supraman-I Don’t Like
  • Supraman (2)-Class
  • DJ King tigerz-Dimples In Her Back
  • Beanie Sigel-In the Club
  • Neana-Neana wit my woes (ft Drake & Dior)
  • Neana (2)-Scrub
  • DJ Technics-Errbody Theme
  • Kieran Loftus-azzAzzAZazZa
  • DJ Lilocox-La Party
  • Bleaker & Neana-Thromp
  • CLUB Athletics-Deep Freeze
  • August Alsina-Down Right Now (DJ Diamonds)
  • Neana-Untitled 2
  • Gang Fatale Soft Club-Untitled
  • Ra's Al and Neana Fatale-Dunjunz (Bleakers Donky Booty)
  • E.L Bono-Obuu Mo
  • kieran Loftus x trap door-mad jawnz mad
  • DJ Cueheat-Sensacion
  • Bok Bok and Luis-Wake Up Early
  • Vanity G-Make Up (Edit)