GETME! w/ Lixo & Nicky Otter



The record label and infamous partiers, GETME! have a couple hours once a month to bring together artists from their own roster or special guests, for a long set of the best party tracks today’s producers can muster. From leftfield pop to grime and house bangers, don’t try falling asleep to this one.

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  • Lixo-Normal (Joey Beltran Remix)
  • Daniel Bortz-Cuz Tyou're The One
  • Noir & Haze-Around (Solomun Vox)
  • Les Sins (Toro Y Moi)-Grind
  • Fold-Rosie Lee
  • Avalon Emerson-The Frontier
  • Kaytronik-State We In
  • Play-Move You're Self
  • Hugo Massien-All night
  • Trevino-Backtracking
  • Tiga-Planet E (Dense & Pika Remix)
  • The Golden Filter-We Are The Music
  • The Golden Filter-Outimacy
  • Modini-Ghost Seducer
  • Gerry Read-Limp Biscuit Anthem
  • CM'RON-U Wasn't There
  • Unkown-Unknown
  • Loick Ft. K Koke-Glory
  • Unkown-Unknown
  • Solardo-Acid Rocks
  • Inigo Kennedy-Untitled
  • Fatima Hajji-Unknown
  • Joris Voorn-Missing
  • Joris Voorn-Incident
  • Adam Beyer-Split
  • Dave The Drummer-Hydraulix 12
  • Pounding Groves-Drippin
  • Gayle San-Fonk Ultimatum
  • Pounding Groves-Dirt
  • Eric Sneo-Practice What You Preach
  • Mark Fell & Gábor Lázár-Track 3
  • Levathion Worship Service-Dead Air Freak Out
  • All Fox-Fit To Advise
  • Lunifred Benjamin-FMK NYC
  • All Fox-Wild Horse At The Derby