GETME! w/ Lixo



The record label and infamous partiers, GETME! have a couple hours once a month to bring together artists from their own roster or special guests, for a long set of the best party tracks today’s producers can muster. From leftfield pop to grime and house bangers, don’t try falling asleep to this one.

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  • George Fitzgerald-Magnetic
  • Cooly G-Hold Me
  • Mumdance & Logos-Drum Boss
  • Mumdance & Logos-Legion
  • DJ Nigga-Fox-Weed
  • L Vis 1990, Dance System-D.S .Theme
  • Midland-For (Yacht) Club Use Only (Vynehall's Port Side Manoeuver, 130 Knots Remix)
  • Four Tet-Buchla
  • Untold-Targa!
  • Moderat-Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  • Beneath-Bellz
  • Palm Highway Chase-Escape from new york
  • Presk-Vigor
  • Illum Sphere-Sleeprunner (Zed Bias remix)
  • MssingNo-XE2