North Carolina


Soundcloud curator-turned-DJ, Grrl, handles the wheel one Thursday each month between two and three in the early morning. Neoprene muffled helium vocals bounce over chrome-addled club soundtracks - an extremely broad spectrum of the internet-born club sound.

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  • TSVI-The Healer
  • Dehousy-Vapor City
  • Suda-Idiopath
  • Lemonick-Paramite Temple VIP
  • M.I.A-Boyz (Mele Edit)
  • Luru-Trumpets of Glory
  • Nphonix-Easel Blues (Fisky Remix)
  • Ouanounou-Matouka
  • Neana-Casse
  • Tsuzing-Post Soviet Models
  • Kid Antoine-And Uh (Cashmere Cat Edit)
  • Scratcha DVA-OS8V1_DUB2
  • Bambounou-Any Other Service
  • Sir Spyro-Topper Top (Kahn & Neek Remix)
  • Madeaux & Manman Savage-Pull Up
  • Jook-Tokyo Drift
  • Mr Carmack and Great Dane-Tiki Tiki Remix
  • JD Reid-Roshi (feat. D Double E)
  • Massappeals-Leng (feat. Kamakaze)
  • Sumthin Sumthin-Moves (feat. Snowy)