North Carolina


Soundcloud curator-turned-DJ, Grrl, handles the wheel one Thursday each month between two and three in the early morning. Neoprene muffled helium vocals bounce over chrome-addled club soundtracks - an extremely broad spectrum of the internet-born club sound.

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  • fknsyd-I Trust Your Judgement
  • Kid Antoine-Bodypaint
  • Litework-(Akito Remix)
  • Joey LaBeija-Joey’s Inferno
  • Teksen-Tripwire
  • Dehousy-Temple
  • Superficie-Fog Shield (Lars Warn Dub)
  • Paul Marmota-Aire
  • Hagan-Glacier
  • Hi Tom-Tablet
  • Dollar Bin-Retail Therapy (Feat. Nadia Rose)
  • Lil USB-Wut
  • DJ Delish-The Look
  • T_A_M-Watty
  • Bleaker-Hype (Broken Haze Remix)
  • Mele-Pop (Lloyd SB Refix)
  • Venvella-Cutcy
  • TSVI-Black Dog (Feat. Luru)
  • Sister City-Blood Mind
  • Kid Bassline-Unstoppable
  • Cardopusher-Xerox
  • Truncate and Jimmy Edgar-Submission
  • Escor Krist-New Void Order
  • Canblaster-Voxes Roll