North Carolina


Soundcloud curator-turned-DJ, Grrl, handles the wheel one Thursday each month between two and three in the early morning. Neoprene muffled helium vocals bounce over chrome-addled club soundtracks - an extremely broad spectrum of the internet-born club sound.

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  • Strict Face-Promise
  • Hi Tom-Cold
  • Tory Lanez-Luv (DjTray Remix)
  • Euro Dinero-Gold (Fluke Nukes X Leemz Remix)
  • NKC-No Drama
  • Ballast-Hollow Riddim
  • Majora-Lint Roller
  • Martel Ferdan and Superficie-Maromba
  • Halpe-Hurry 3.0
  • KiWi-Sugar Panic (LH4L X DZZ Remix)
  • 4B-Bring in the Drums
  • BSNO and Noizekid-Fuego
  • Moski and Mike Cervello-Harvest
  • Joyryde-Hot Drum
  • Champion and Mele-Radio Babylon
  • DVA-Mad Hatter