North Carolina


Soundcloud curator-turned-DJ, Grrl, handles the wheel one Thursday each month between two and three in the early morning. Neoprene muffled helium vocals bounce over chrome-addled club soundtracks - an extremely broad spectrum of the internet-born club sound.

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  • Kid Smpl-Blade
  • fknsyd-Rod Sterling
  • Sharp Veins-Missing Sun
  • Beatking-Throw Dat Ash (Chaams Remix)
  • Hunt for the Breeze-Call
  • Nadus-No Feels (Samename X Richelle Remix)
  • DJ Amps-Your Number
  • Krueger-Work That
  • Bob Traxx-Devil Drumzz
  • Scheele-Vacuous
  • Dream Tran's-Deus Ex Machina
  • Unknown-Thrashing Thrashing
  • Air Max '97-Expenditure
  • Alex Deamonds-Flight School
  • Eyes Low-Wreck
  • Kali Mutsa-Traga Traga (Neana Remix)
  • Xemnas & Letres2k-Time Trial (Spurz Remix)
  • NA-Xtreme Tremble
  • MM-Rope
  • Devil Drumzz-(Ballast Unholy Mix)
  • Rizzla-Fucking Facist
  • DJ Karaoke-Beauty Inside