Gilded Sound Reflection



Gilded Sound Reflection is the musical collective of Tai Thittichai and David Lane. They magnify the bleed between genre lines, blurring the boundaries of krautrock, jazz, psych, soul, pop and more – a monthly show, settle in for a meandering couple hours early in the afternoon.

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  • Bo Hansson-Excursion With Complications
  • Arzachel-Soul Thing
  • The Animated Egg-I Said, She Said, Ah Cid
  • Glass Prism-Here You Are
  • I Am Butterfly-Possession
  • The Vagrants-And When It's Over
  • The Music Machine-The People In Me
  • The Eyes-You're Too Much
  • Terry Reid-Silver White Light
  • Hawkwind-The Wizard Who Blew His Horn
  • Bo Hansson-The Grey Havens
  • Ithica-Journey
  • Curved Air-Blind Man
  • The Roches-Hammond Song
  • Trees-Road
  • Strawbs-Tell Me What You See In Me
  • St John Green-Canyon Woman
  • Les Fleur De Lys-Gong With A Luminous Noise
  • The Yardbirds-Psycho Daisies
  • The Renegades-Thirteen Women
  • Bob Seger System-Lucifer
  • Jonny Winter-I Love Everybody
  • Steve Milliband-Living In The USA
  • The Youngbloods-Sham
  • The Graham Gouldman Thing-Chesnut
  • Georges Raudi-L'Arsene
  • ? And the Mysterians-Upside
  • The Animated Egg-Sipping &Tripping
  • The Small Faces-Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall
  • Status Quo-When My Mind Is Not Live
  • Pretty Things-Can Never Say