Gilded Sound Reflection



Gilded Sound Reflection is the musical collective of Tai Thittichai and David Lane. They magnify the bleed between genre lines, blurring the boundaries of krautrock, jazz, psych, soul, pop and more – a monthly show, settle in for a meandering couple hours early in the afternoon.

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  • Mama Cass-California Earthquake
  • Ithaca-Questions
  • France Gall-On Se Ressemble Toi Et Moi
  • Heart-Magic Man
  • John & Beverly Martyn-Sweet Honesty
  • John Martyn-Don't Think Twice
  • Jacques Dutronc-La Paresse
  • Kevin Ayres-Two Goes Into Four
  • King Crimson-I talk To The Wind
  • West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-As The World Rises And Falls
  • Fleetwood Mac-Earl Gray
  • Natchez Trace-I'm Willing
  • Ten Years After-Portable People
  • Moby Grape-8:05
  • Jackson Browne-A Child In These Hills
  • Tintern Abbey-Beeside
  • The Beatles-Tommorrow Never Knows
  • Paul McCartney-Front Parlour
  • Brian Eno-Here He Comes
  • Todd Rundgren-Sidewalk Café
  • Can-Sing Swan Song
  • Neu!-Hallogallo
  • Elephant's Memory-Theme From Midnight Cowboy
  • Bo Hansson-Shadowfall
  • Bo Hansson-Playing Downhill Into The Downs
  • Gary Burton-Fleur Africane
  • Mandrill-Chutney
  • Brother Jack McDuff-Jelly Jam
  • Barry White-Killer's Back
  • The Kimico Band-Soul Train